Neighbourhood Plan

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Your chance to influence
how the town develops

The process to produce the Shepton Mallet Neighbourhood Plan is underway. Updates will be posted here as the plan progresses.

Community engagement, not just in consultation but also in active involvement, will be crucial to the success of this vital project. if you want to get involved with shaping the future of the town, please contact the Town Council office.

A Neighbourhood Plan can:

Add detail to Local Plan policies – i.e. what new homes should look like, what type of housing is required, where new facilities should go, what changes of use should be allowed etc.

Call for more development than is set out in the Local Plan

A Neighbourhood Plan cannot:

Conflict with the strategic (major) policies in the Local Plan prepared by Mendip District Council

Be used to prevent development that is included in the Local Plan

We’ve done all this before with the Community Plan – what’s different?

The Community Plan (‘At A Crossroads’, 2006) had a wider view than just planning, but Community Plans cannot formally be part of the planning system.

Neighbourhood Plans are new, form part of the planning system but have a more limited scope – only relating to those issues that planning deals with. However, we will be using ‘At A Crossroads’ as a key reference, so the knowledge gained from that will not be lost.

Can we use the Neighbourhood Plan to argue against the Showground allocation in the Local Plan?

No – this is not allowed under the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations. It can be used to add detail to such allocated sites (what types of housing, layout, design etc).

The NP could suggest allocating particular additional sites to accommodate development which Mendip District Council will be doing through the Local Plan Part 2: Site Allocations Document.